ODYSSEY Batteries: Extreme AGM Power

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Some batteries offer vast cranking power while others offer deep cycle reserve power. The innovative ODYSSEY battery is designed to offer both.

This is possible due to the use of 99.99% virgin lead. Using pure lead prevents the battery from sulfating which will eventually lead to catastrophic failure; the number one cause of battery failure. Pure lead also allows for thinner plates to be constructed without loosing capacity allowing for extreme cranking amps (up to 2250) and deep cycle reserve. Below are some important factors to consider when shopping for lead acid batteries.

ODYSSEY batteries key features

  • up to a 4 year free replacement warranty depending on the model
  • designed to operate in military applications for up to 12 years
  • ability to supply both high cranking power and deep cycle reserve
  • completely sealed, there are no gases released making it perfect for enclosed areas
  • AGM design prevents acid spilling and reduces vibration effects

The mixture of tremendous performance and power makes Odyssey batteries ideal for a variety of applications such as marine, auto/LTV, commercial, power sports and racing. ODYSSEY batteries can deliver double the overall power and 3 times the overall life of conventional batteries! Have a fleet? Using Odyssey batteries for your fleet can save you money and decrease downtime.

Odyssey batteries can be arranged in series or parallel to achieve varying voltages and/or capacities, ideal for marine and RV applications where a large bank of batteries is used to power the “house“ lights. These batteries can also be installed on their side or even upside down!

So whether you application is a Harley Softtail or a basement sump pump, Odyssey will power both more efficiently and longer than any other lead acid battery on the market.